Wednesday  30.01.2019     09:00 until 18:00

Thursday  31.01.2019         09:00 until 18:00

Friday 01.02.2019               09:00 until 18:00

Event i+e 2017 in Freiburg

Event i+e 2019 in Freiburg

Visit neverMind’s team at the Exhibition i+e 2019:

Place: HALL 2 – Stand L 114 / M113

Messe Freiburg • Europaplatz 1 • D- 79108 Freiburg

Take the opportunity to get information about our expertise and meet us during the exhibition in Freiburg!

neverMind event in Illkirch, France - June 14, 2018

More than 80 companies from Alsace and Baden-Württemberg were present and enjoyed the grill barbecue organized by neverMind. More photos to come…

“Thank you for your participation!”

ADIRA Visit neverMind GmbH & Co.KG and TPO May 27th 2016

Mr Vincent Froelicher, General Director of ADIRA in Alsace, Mr Jean Michel Staerle, Responsible for economic development in north Alsace in ADIRA, and Mr Sébastien Leduc, Responsible for enterprise’s competitiveness in Alsace, visited neverMind located in Eurodistric area.

ADIRA : the economic development agency for Alsace.

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VIPs at neverMind GmbH & Co.KG May 4th 2016

Mr Cem Özdemir, Minister in Government in Berlin for Green Party (MdB) and Mr Thomas Marwein of Green Party in Baden-Württemberg (MdL)  visited neverMind.

Miss Edith Schreiner, Town’s mayor of Offenburg, Mr Hans-Joachim Fomferra, economic development partner for Offenburg,  Mr Bruno Schwelling, Representative of Technology Park in Offenburg  and Mr Manfred Hammes, WRO’s Director, economical actor for development in Baden-Württemberg, supported us within our domains , like internet of things and  industry 4.0.

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